Parent Tango – an introduction

Welcome to our blog! For those of you who have read our blog on, it’s still us. We just have a new look (love the logo!) and are easier to access on the Colorado Parent website. Since it has been a while since we wrote, and for those of you who are new to us, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Photo Copyright David Ball

We are Courtney and Thomas, two Colorado natives, with four, count ‘em, four children – Ann (19), James (17), Grace (12) and Grant (11). Because of the age range of our children, our parenting experience spans pregnancy through sending a child off to college. We’ve experienced almost every situation that comes up for parents and survived it – so far. Most of the time, you’ll be hearing from both of us because, well, we have very different views on things which means we can offer you two different perspectives. So you’ll get “She said” and “He said” for a wide range of topics. We came up with the blog name “Parent Tango” because, like the dance, life, parenting and marriage require give and take, passion, energy and, ideally, heading the same direction together.

Here’s our story in a nutshell: We met in middle school (which has never ceased to freak out our children as they entered middle school themselves). We were always friends and had a bit of innocent romance going until we went our separate ways for college. A few years later, we ran into each other, had a whole lot of romance and got married at the ripe old ages of 23 and 24.

Two years into married life, along came Ann, followed by James two years later which we’d heard was the optimum age range for siblings. This did not stop Ann and James from fighting like cats and dogs, as evidenced by the animal-like scratches they inflicted on each other.  With a boy and a girl, we thought we were done. However, the baby itch nagged and gnawed (mostly at Courtney) so five years later, we had Grace. Feeling that three was enough (mostly by Thomas), we thought we were done again. But as they say, life is what happens while you are making plans. Grant was born 19 months after Grace. In sharp contrast to Ann and James, Grace and Grant have been like two peas in a pod from the start and are just starting to battle a bit now that they are in their snippy tweens.

Like a set of bookends, divided by five years, that’s how our girl and boy and then girl and boy came to be. We couldn’t be more grateful for them even when they are driving us insane – even when we are driving them insane. In our blogs, we talk about what we’ve learned about parenting, each other and ourselves (and what we’re still clueless about, too). One thing is for sure: with us, you will know you are far from alone in your worries, joys and dilemmas. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Parent Tango – an introduction

  1. ah, now i see the reason for the name lol! your house sounds like mine minus 2 kids (tho with them both having ADHD it feels more like 4!) looking forward to reading more. =o]

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