My car, the cave

She said…

We need another car. We have two, mind you, but mine is constantly in the shop and we need something that accommodates all six of us again now that Ann is moving back home to go to a college in the city.  We had a minivan but sold it when she went off to college thinking we’d never need that big of a car again. Ha!

As I write this, Thomas is pouring over the car ads looking at the possibilities. “How about we get a motor home?” Thomas just asked me. “How did we go from a minivan to a mobile home?” I ask. His argument is “if you’re going to have a big, honkin’ vehicle outside your home, you may as well be able to live in it, too!” It sounds so logical. If only it was.

Thomas loooooves to camp. I hate it. A motor home is a compromise in his mind because it would mean never really having to rough it. I would stay in the motor home and those who want to actually camp would pitch a tent outside. Sounds reasonable enough except for the HAVING A MOTOR HOME OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE EVERY DAY AND CONSIDERING IT THE FAMILY CAR part.

I know what this is really about, though. It’s not to encourage me to go camping with the family. It’s not to make everyone more comfortable. It’s about having a “man cave”. You see, we don’t have a basement or a garage and we barely have enough room in our modest 1950’s home for the six of us. So there’s nowhere for Thomas to escape to on his own property! Sure, he can putter in the garden, go for a bike ride or otherwise leave the vicinity of us. But it’s not the same as being able to hunker down somewhere in one’s own home and be AWAY FROM THE REST OF YOU PEOPLE!!!!

I get it. A mobile home would be his cave, on his own property! The fact that you can take that cave and leave with it is a bonus. Actually, I think the idea has merit. When Thomas isn’t using it as his cave, I could use it to go scream at the top of my lungs (unheard) when the kids are driving me batty. When one of the kids just has to have a moment’s peace away from the sibling they share a room with, they could go in there. When a relative visits from out of town, they could stay in there instead of on our couch. If we parked it close enough to the house and put a trellis in front of it, maybe people would think it’s just an addition we put on our house – until we drive it, that is. Hmmm, Thomas may be onto something here.

His Take:

I love my wife SOOOO much! After 20+ years of marital bliss, she really gets me. And now she agrees with me. Even better!

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