Braces X 4

One of the joys of having multiple children is the “opportunity” to have multiple children in braces. What joy it is to have dentist after dentist say those magical words “Looks like she’s gonna need braces.” Thankfully, we’ve had good orthodontic insurance and cooperative orthodontists who allow us to make payments (many, many, seemingly never-ending payments). Still, we have always had at least two children under orthodontic care at a time, for years (what with the new trend toward two phases of treatment).

At the risk of sounding like a stand up comic: We’ve been to the orthodontist so much…

  • The receptionist recognizes my voice before I even say who I am
  • They sent ME a birthday card and I’m not even a patient
  • They’re creating a Frequent Bracer punch card, inspired by our family
  • The doctor sent me a thank you note when he purchased his vacation home

OK, I’m kidding (except for the first one) but we have spent a lot of hours and money at the ortho. And of course, I give lots of props to my kids who have had to put up with years of  ridiculous apparatuses, having their teeth pulled and yanked with metal and extremely strong yet tiny rubber bands. They’ve had masses of metal in their mouths that made them look funny, talk awkwardly, drool uncontrollably and wake up crying in pain.

Why do we put up with so much misery and expense? For one, because we have been convinced (and it does kind of make sense) that if our teeth aren’t properly aligned, they won’t chew properly and will wear down unevenly. For another reason, it’s because Thomas and I want the best for our kids including teeth that function right and look wonderful. A good looking smile reaps rewards throughout life and increases self-esteem. We’re lucky to have been able to put four kids in braces. We’re thankful to the kids for putting up with it all and feel for them that they will be wearing their retainers for the rest of their lives.

So “brace yourselves”, parents of young ones, you’re about to get word that it’s your turn. Just focus on that beautiful smile awaiting you at the end of the orthodontia rainbow.

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