What we won’t do for our kids

The other night, I was outside watering when my neighbor, Christy, from down the street walked by with her young son and daughter and her husband.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an odd silhouette on Christy’s head. With a double take I saw a high bun on one side of her head, a braid down the back, a pigtail protruding off the other side and numerous large barrettes and clips throughout. Complementing it all was a sly look on Christy’s face.

“Do you like my hair?” she asked. “Oh, it’s really stunning,” I replied. She went on to tell me, with a “wink, wink” tone, that her daughter had worked very hard on her new hairstyle. She then told her mother that she had “never looked more beautiful and that they must go on a family walk around the neighborhood to show it off”.  Christy thought they might be able to slink around the block unnoticed but, as she said to me, “In all the years we’ve lived here, there have never been so many people outside!” Oh joy!

I told Christy what a wonderful mother she was and told her daughter what a wonderful hairstylist she was.  As I watched the family walk down the street, her daughter skipping with pride the whole way home, I thought of the things we do for our kids.  I’m not talking about things like clothing and feeding them, teaching them right from wrong or even driving them to Timbuktu and back. I’m talking about the ways in which we put our own pride on the line for the sake of amusing our children, bringing them out of a funk or bolstering their fragile little egos.  My husband is far more willing to reduce himself to utter silliness for the sake of the kids than I am. I’m a little too pent up for that, I readily admit.  They adore their father for this quality and, at times, I’m a little jealous of his carefree ways like the time he wore a dress, red lipstick and heels to a Halloween party merely because the kids dared him to.

I open the discussion up to you, dear readers.  What crazy, silly, wonderfully humiliating things have you done for the sake of your kids?  Tell me and, if it’s okay with you, I’ll share them here in the next blog.

Maybe you’ll inspire me , too.

One thought on “What we won’t do for our kids

  1. I could just picture this scenario, and it filled me with giggles and made me a bit teary. I’m a lot like you in that I’m not the silly one, but my husband is. We have a granddaughter living with us, and many’s the time I’ve found Ben and Lily on the floor in her room…they having “tea” together or she carefully applying makeup to Ben’s face while he placadly allowed her to. He’d remark out of the side of his mouth that I’d better not let this get out or else. I grinned as I snapped a picture for the scrapbook. I’ve lived vicariously through their happy interactions, and have often wished I could stop being a workhorse long enough to be a kid again. Perhaps today…after the dishes are done, of course.

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