The day technology went away

Three days into our new house and the internet still isn’t working right.  To my kids, this is a tragedy of the utmost degree. To Thomas and I, it’s a blessing.  We keep telling the kids A) we have a house-worth of stuff to unpack so you don’t even have time to go on the internet and B) it’s good for you to have a break.

At first it was pure torture for them but then things started to change. Thomas and I heard major noise coming from the family room in the basement followed by howling laughter.  Turns out the kids were stacking empty boxes as high as they could then knocking them down.  Mind you, it was the 13, 14 and 19 year olds doing this, not little kids. Then, they made a fort and fought each other with Nerf guns. More howling laughter. Then it got quiet.

Soon, Thomas and I were being pelted in the behind with soft Nerf bullets that clung so attractively to my fuzzy sweats. The kids had snuck up the stairs on their bellies and shot at their dinner-preparing parents through the stair railings. We didn’t stand a chance. More howling laughter.

After dinner, when they might normally retreat to their rooms, they suggested we watch a  movie together. We hadn’t done that in a while. We all huddled on the couch and it was wonderful!

It all reminded us of when the kids were much younger, when the wrapping paper or the box the toy came in provided more enjoyment than the toy itself. It also reminded us of when we would have Friday pizza and a movie night, before the kids got older and started spending time out, with friends. It was a wonderful way to start out in our new home.

Did the internet get fixed? Yup. Did they scurry like mice to the computer? Yup. But we’re going to be better about putting limits on the time they spend on the computer and will make more of an effort to provide opportunities for quality family time (which, by the way, kind of went by the wayside as we were consumed with moving out of the old house and into the new). I know I’ll keep the memory of the kids laughing over the ruins of their box tower, and the lovely vision of my butt covered in foam bullets as a reminder. Seems like a good New Year’s Resolution to make sure we keep.

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