Hey, I’m not THAT old!

My birthday was last week. Because I can barely stand to speak the numbers, I’ll just say I’m in my late-to-mid 40’s.

Okay, 48.

There, I said it. And believe me, I am grateful for every year that I have. I am not, so far, one of those people who dreads every birthday because it’s one year closer to death. Every moment is a moment closer to death. For everyone. It’s gonna happen. So I’m glad for all of the moments I get. However…

Lately, there have been multiple moments that serve as reminders of just how gosh-darned grateful I should be, and none of them were pleasant.

Recently, I went to a business event where cocktails were being served. Everyone had to show their ID and get a stamp on their hand if they were over 21 and therefore able to obtain booze. The guy with the stamp–who wasn’t much above 21 himself, I’m sure–took one look at me, waved off my ID and said, “Oh, no need. You’re waaay good to go.”

“Great! Thanks!” I said. It was one of those moments when you think of everything you really should have said after the fact. Maybe something like, “Dude, you could humor me at least” or something wonderfully biting and witty.

Last week, I went to get my driver’s license renewed. When the young fellow behind the counter (Aren’t there any people over 25 working? Anywhere?) asked me my hair color, I hesitated and said, “Well, it’s kind of in transition between blond and gray. Is there a box to check for that?”

He said, “Since you’ll have this driver’s license picture for the next five years, let’s go with ‘gray’.”  Nice assumption, punk. I wanted to say, “I might be dying it back to blond between now and 2017, so there!”

The other night, my husband and I were lying in bed. I said, in that ultimate mood-killer, “I feel like I’m falling apart, physically,” and started to list my ailments and physical sags and aches.

“Oh, don’t get me started,” he said and started listing his (thankfully he didn’t add to MY list).  We sighed and rolled away from each other. Who wants to get with that!

Then this morning, our soon-to-be 15-year-old said, “I can’t believe I’m almost 15. Soon high school will be over, then college, then a job and family and… It all goes so fast!”  Did I mention she’s 14 right now?

We tried to comfort our rapidly-aging child. “Don’t get hung up on all that’s ahead of you,” I said. “Focus on each day and live it fully because it does all go so fast. And if you are always focusing on what’s coming up, you can’t appreciate what is NOW.”

She wasn’t impressed, or deterred. But my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Good advice.”

One thought on “Hey, I’m not THAT old!

  1. i was practically rolling on the floor laughing reading this! what i hate is looking my age on the outside but still feeling like i’m in my 20’s on the inside. i hate being called “ma’am” and being asked if i need help with carrying out my groceries too ha!

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