Defending the Caveman – An interview with a caveman and cavewoman

We love this! It’s an unusual take on the whole caveman/cavewoman, men are from Mars/women are from Venus thing. Really interesting.

In Good Taste Denver

After seeing “Defending the Caveman” now playing at the Garner Galleria Theatre, we got to wondering – a lot. Since the show is all about the differences between men and women and the efforts to understand each other a little better, we wondered if the show had an effect on its current star, Cody Lyman and his wife Tanya.

The couple addressed those wonderings for In Good Taste Denver, in a recent interview.

Q: Has doing the show changed your marriage? If so, how?

A:Cody – Well, my wife and I are both actors so, on that note, the show has changed my marriage because it’s a semi-steady job, which is a rare (and awesome) thing.  It’s challenging at times, because I spend chunks of time on the road, but it helps keep the bills paid.  I think the show helps to remind people both WHY and HOW MUCH they love one another, so, for me, it’s a…

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